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The current version of Friendica doesn’t appear to support filtering posts by tag in an RSS feed. Appending ?tag=XXX to an RSS feed URI seems to be silently ignored.

As I wanted a custom feed that only has music posts in it, I wrote a quick and dirty feed crawler in Python/Flask that removes all posts that do not have a single mention of the specified tag in it. The whole program only took 50 minutes to write.

Well, I finally decided to clean up the files from my storage drive.

I found a lot of duplicate files unnecessarily taking up my storage space. As looking through every single file on your hard disk is a tedious job, I wrote a little PowerShell script to assist me with that.

Rant: Overengineering

Consider a typical web dev situation: React, Redux, Material-UI, a new JSS-decorated component that’s going to be connected with Redux. We create a new file, write the component code in it, then export it like that:

export default withStyles(styles)(connect(mapStateToProps)(MyComponent));

Another day, another hack. This AutoHotkey snippet preserves the last window you minimized with Win + Down and allows you to quickly unminimize it with Win + Shift + Up:

It is a common practice for some to use a Quake-style terminal. For those who have never played the game: it’s a single terminal window which is hidden by default and is toggled with the grave accent key. Those who like the behaviour use a terminal emulator program like Tilda on Linux or ConEmu on Windows.

Sometimes you might want the same behaviour for the utilities that do not support Quake-style windows by themselves. Luckily, you can still achieve this with a simple AutoHotkey script I’ve come up with.