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Status Update: July 2020

This has been a busy time.

I’m finally finished with my internship at Nefteavtomatika, getting my hands on an internal web service managing MAC address allocation designed to provide an API for flashing software. Thanks to that I’m now a lot more familiar with building web in Go, and am eager to build more things with it. <3

Configuring Yggdrasil with systemd-networkd

Yggdrasil, while being a great mesh networking software, doesn’t have that many learning resources on it. The docs on its website and a few enthusiast-established wikis are probably everything you’ll ever find on how to set it up.

This is a simple recipe on how to configure Yggdrasil with systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved while providing other devices on your local network with Ygg addresses and allowing them to use Ygg.

Removing duplicate files with PowerShell

Well, I finally decided to clean up the files from my storage drive.

I found a lot of duplicate files unnecessarily taking up my storage space. As looking through every single file on your hard disk is a tedious job, I wrote a little PowerShell script to assist me with that.

Rant: Overengineering

Consider a typical web dev situation: React, Redux, Material-UI, a new JSS-decorated component that’s going to be connected with Redux. We create a new file, write the component code in it, then export it like that:

export default withStyles(styles)(connect(mapStateToProps)(MyComponent));