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AutoHotkey: Scratchpad

Another day, another hack. This AutoHotkey snippet preserves the last window you minimized with Win + Down and allows you to quickly unminimize it with Win + Shift + Up:

AutoHotkey Run-or-Raise

It is a common practice for some to use a Quake-style terminal. For those who have never played the game: it’s a single terminal window which is hidden by default and is toggled with the grave accent key. Those who like the behaviour use a terminal emulator program like Tilda on Linux or ConEmu on Windows.

Sometimes you might want the same behaviour for the utilities that do not support Quake-style windows by themselves. Luckily, you can still achieve this with a simple AutoHotkey script I’ve come up with.

Hello World Yet Again

So this is it, I’ve finally moved my blog to a fully self-hosted solution. This site is now generated with Hugo, is rebuilt on every commit to a private repo on my own code hosting, and seems to work better than the hackish host-with-Tumblr approach. Oh, and one last thing: exporting posts from Tumblr is a PITA. Good thing I didn’t have lots of those.

Advice: CloudFlare, GitLab Pages, 429

To all those people having their Cloudflare requests to GitLab Pages being 429-ed: setting the security policy to “Full” instead of “Flexible” seems to do the trick. Still have no clue to the cause of this issue though.

Rant: Google Tasks

So far it looks like Tasks, Google’s new app for task tracking, is missing a key feature supposed to push you to do stuff—the on-time reminders.