Status Update: July 2020

This has been a busy time.

I’m finally finished with my internship at Nefteavtomatika, getting my hands on an internal web service managing MAC address allocation designed to provide an API for flashing software. Thanks to that I’m now a lot more familiar with building web in Go, and am eager to build more things with it. <3

I’ve started looking at lot more into Yggdrasil, a mesh networking software. As of right now I’m mainly using it as a VPN, as it provides every node with a static /64 subnet, so IPv6 exploration is a lot easier (as most of Russian ISPs don’t even bother with providing static prefixes to end users). The positive side effects of this are the new guide on configuring it with systemd-networkd and routing, and a simple address miner I wrote in Go. If you want a neatly-looking Yggdrasil address, you now know what to do. :)

The work on Amber continues, this time mainly with amber_cli, who has never gotten the love it deserved since the very beginning of its development and now gets a complete refactoring as at the time of starting the project I wasn’t really familiar with Go at all. There are also few corrections I’d like to make to API v0 and related algos before considering it done. Amber itself needs a huge overhaul, so does Amber Web, who’s never seen a single update the last few months.

This blog itself has got an update—it is now hosted on my main domain,, and orphaned links at now lead here. The home page is now managed by Hugo as well, making the effort in keeping it updated less of a time waste.

Looking good so far, looking forward to the last month of summer!

Photo by Safar Safarov on Unsplash Photo by Safar Safarov on Unsplash