My code:

  • gmnhg, a Go tool that converts your Hugo site to Gemini
  • md2gmn, a Go tool that converts Markdown to Gemtext
  • Find Latest Tag, a GitHub Action to find latest tag of any Git repo on the internet
  • akm, an age(1) key manager and wrapper in bash

I maintain the following Docker images:

I sometimes contribute to nixpkgs. I used to maintain a number of packages on AUR, the Arch Linux user repository, as @tdemin:

  • airsonic-advanced, the self-hostable music streaming software
  • …and packages for self-maintained software mentioned above/below, see respective links

Historical code (mostly migrated from the now-defunct

  • librespot-builds, fresh Librespot builds available as GitHub releases
  • i3-gaps-desktop, a fork of i3 window manager that supports desktop managers (AUR package)
  • syg_go, an Yggdrasil address miner written in Go (AUR package)
  • opmodbus, an optimizing Modbus master library written in Go
  • scarlet_export, a Python program to export notes from Scarlet Notes
  • backup, a simple backup script in bash
  • Project Amber, a task list app with variable task nesting:
    • Amber, the API server in Python/Flask/SQLAlchemy
    • Amber Web, the web client built with TypeScript and React
    • Amber CLI, the CLI client written in Go, unfinished
    • Amber Android, the Android client in Java 7

Miscellaneous projects: