Rant: Mastodon

Just scrolled through the timeline Instagram generates for me. 20 “blog posts” with boring “inspiring” descriptions trying to teach me life, 15 or about that from the official accounts, no posts I’d consider personal (i.e. random fun pics). Not even trying to open stories anymore, I don’t really like being fed with video ads every 3 or 4 posts. That’s the cancer that ate Instagram.

The worst thing about this is that I can see the plague being spread to Mastodon. Barely seen a mastodon.social account posting anything that would make sense (not speaking of shitposting, at least it has some kind of personal touch). It’s not like I’ve seen many, yet I’m pretty sure I’d not lose anything interesting, had the admins of my instance suddenly blocked federation with it.

The truly worst thing about this is that I sometimes do post things this cancer-ish way (announces, news, etc). That’s how the disease spreads. The slow death of fun on the Internet, eh?