Rant: Google Tasks

So far it looks like Tasks, Google’s new app for task tracking, is missing a key feature supposed to push you to do stuff—the on-time reminders.

When a reminder from Google Calendar rings, it reminds you that you were going to do things at this exact time, so if you’re not finished with that yet, at least you’re pushed to deal with it a little faster. You’re never going to receive such a notification from Google Tasks; in fact, taking a glance at the task list with no time schedules is almost guaranteed to result in “fine, I’ll do that at the next opportunity” and do absolutely nothing afterwards.

That’s how a simple feature might become the killer one, now I have to duplicate most of the tasks in my calendar just to keep myself reminded. Without the time tracking features, Tasks becomes somewhat pointless for those who are reliant on their smartphones to remember things for them.

PS: yeah, simply synchronizing tasks with Google Calendar would also do